Text Input

Text typing is the major input of your notes. iNotes allows you to change font size, color and alignment for your text. Additionally, iNotes brings in textbox to provide the flexibility of positioning text anywhere on your note.

Free-hand Drawing / Scratching

With the huge iPad touch screen, you can easily handwrite any character you want on your note. You can also draw a line, a circle to highlight your picture, Or draw a chart in just seconds.

Picture Dropping

One of the most important features on iNotes is that you could attach any pictures you want to your note. You can drop a picture from your photo library, a webpage snapshot, or a map if you want to share a location on your note.

Picture Editing

If you think your picture is too big on your note page, no problem. Long-press your picture to start the cropping operation. iNotes provides a great experience to edit your picture. You can also use multi-finger to do rotate and scale operation easily.

Notebook Search

If you forget where your last month's meeting note is, no problem. All your text content in iNotes is searchable. Just a few taps, you can quickly find your notes back in no time.

Notes Preview

In other note taking apps, if you want to look back to your old notes. You have to flip through your notebook page by page. iNotes provides a preview mode to let you look at all your note pages in a grid of small page thumbnails. You can look at those preview thumbnails, and tap on the thumbnail to go to page you want to edit.

PDF Export

iNotes for iPad provides you a great way to share your important notes with your classmates or co-workers. Just export your entire notebook to a PDF document, and email it to that person right away, or you can save it to your desktop computer via iTunes file sharing.

Paper Selection

You can select your favorite paper style for your notebook in iNotes. Even more paper style selections will be available in the future updates of iNotes through iTunes.

A must-have app for your iPad!