iNotes for iPad 2.2 submitted to iTunes for review

Posted at: 23 May 18:17

What's new in version 2.2?

1. Landscape Fullscreen Editing


2. Better Search

Search result provides related note page thumbnails to let user jump to specific page directly. 


3. Batch Notebook Export/Archive

Export all notebooks to PDF/HTML/Text at a same time.


4. Wifi Share

Wifi Share service allow you to download all your exported notebook documents to your Mac/PC via web browser. No cable or iTunes sync are needed. 




Holiday SALE! 60% Off! And Happy Holiday!

Posted at: 20 Dec 19:25

Merry Christmas!! Everybody!


iNotes for iPad is running a 3-day Holiday Sale on App Store, 60% Off from original price. Now you can buy it for just $1.99!!! Wish all you guys have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!


After the new year holiday, we will plan to release update version 2.2 which includes some of the following features and performance improvement.

* Note page searches inside a notebook.

* Page re-ordering

* Export all updated notebooks at a time.

* Access exported notebooks via wifi on web browser

* Arrow buttons for text cursor (Jump to the end of the next character or word more efficiently)

* Oversize text will be wrapped to next page. (Lots of new users are not happy with the long text editing in the current version)

* Improve performance on handwriting.


Have a wonder holiday! Folks!





iNotes for iPad is on SALE

Posted at: 21 Nov 17:33

Hi, folks.

iNotes for iPad is on SALE due to the compatibility bug in the current 2.1 update for Only $0.99. You can buy it now if you want a good text and handwrite input note taking app. The 2.1.1 bug fix update should be out on Monday or Tuesday. 

Because of the special SALE on App Store, iNotes for iPad jumps to NO.1 in Top Paid Productivity Category in Taiwan App Store. Many thanks to the taiwan users for their understanding to our situation. We will add more local languages support to the app in a short future. 


Version 2.1.1 update has been submitted

Posted at: 16 Nov 08:43

After lots of testing, testing and testing in the last few hours, update 2.1.1 fixing the crash issue on iOS 3.2 has been submitted to iTunes and waiting for Apple's review. Sorry for the crash bug in the recent 2.1 update again. 

For those old users, the crash won't damage your notes in the app. Please keep your notes in the app. And wait for the release of iOS 4.2 or iNotes for iPad 2.1.1.  


A Letter to Our Users - Response to the Current Bug in 2.1 Update

Posted at: 16 Nov 04:19


iOS 4.2 has been released today(Nov 22). We suggest all users upgrade their iPad to iOS 4.2. iNotes update 2.1 is working fine on 4.2. 

Dear users:

We have noticed that the latest update of iNotes for iPad crashes on iOS 3.2. This update is mainly optimized for iOS 4.2, such as printing, multi-tasking and fast-switching.  Just because of the focus on the new features and capabilities. We missed the compatibility bug on the iOS 3.2. We feel so sorry for the bug and the inconvenience this update brings you.

Here is our solution for the bug:

* An update already submitted on 16th. But still need few days to get approved.

* For the old users, if you need to use your previous notes, please try to connect your iPad to iTunes. And try to find your previously exported notebooks in the iTunes app shared folder.

* For those new users, please wait for our bug fix update or the release of iOS 4.2. The app works fine on iOS 4.2. We hope Apple can release iOS 4.2 this week. 

We apologize for the trouble again. iNotes for iPad has been used and trusted by so many business professionals. We believe this trouble must be a very bad news for them. Our old users should know that we have been doing our best to bring users the best note taking experience on iPad. And we have improved our app in every update. This is an incident and a lesson for us. We hope all of you can understand and keep trusting iNotes for iPad in the future. 

After this lesson, we have made up our mind to implement the cloud syncing service to let users access their notes anytime on any platforms, especially when the app is out of service. This feature should be implemented as soon as possible. 



Anson Li

Creator of iNotes for iPad



[Updated] iNotes for iPad version 2.0 coming soon!

Posted at: 15 Oct 20:20


We have been working on the new version of iNotes for iPad for long. It's finally coming out very soon. It will be finalizing in about a week. This is a major update. We first set the version number to 1.3. However, this update has so many new features and a new UI design. We decided to move it (version 1.5) version 2.0.   


What's new in iNotes for iPad version 1.5?

New UI design

This UI design does not just look better. The idea behind this darker color design is to let users focus more on their note content. So the notebook list and toolbars will in a darker color. Notebook list now becomes a book shell. Your notebook will be placed at one cell. A spotlight will be turned on if that notebook is selected. The book icon will display as open when you actually open that notebook content. Is it cool? Have a look at it here: 

new UI design


Real Highlighter

Some users have waited so long for this function. Now you can highlight your text note very easily. A de-highlighter acts as an eraser for you to remove your highlight.

Academic Symbols

This feature is designed for student users. Now they can input some mathematical symbols very easily while typing. 


academic symbols


More Export Formats 

More notes export formats are supported in this version. Lots of users encountered the embedded font issue with their iPad apps. Now for some PC users, they can easily export their notes to plain text or html format. The html format can even keep your highlight and drawings inside your notes. Have a look:


notebook export


Exported HTML notes displaying on a desktop browser:

HTML notebooks

Small Text Handwriting and Palm Protection:

Now you can zoom into your note and handwrite smaller text, and palm protection option supported when you draw and rest your palm on screen.


Zoom and Palm Protection


Performance Tuning

Some users experienced  crashed using the app, especially while drawing. We looked into our code carefully and improve the app memory performance so much. Now the app performs faster in turning pages and drawings.


What do you think of this version so far? We love it, and think our users would love it too. We believe version 1.5 will be again the best note taking experience on your iPad. After a few more tuning and lots of testing, we will hopefully submit this update to iTunes sometime next week. 

[UPDATE] This update has so many new features coming. We would like to name this update version 2.0.